“[At Boston DREAM Academy], it doesn’t matter how much you will never fail. The leaders won’t stop until you succeed.”

– 2018 Boston DREAM Academy Alumni    

Academic Curriculum

Boston DREAM Academy offers an innovative blended learning program. Our core courses are offered through Virtual High School Learning (VHS), an accredited online program with over 300 Honors, STEM and Standard courses, and 29 College Board approved Advanced Placement (AP) classes. This allows our students to take classes specifically tailored to their individual interest and goals.

Students enrolled in VHS courses have a dedicated teacher and community of peers, just like a traditional course. But, instead of being restricted to a specific time and place, VHS courses take place online with no class times. Students can complete their coursework anytime, as long as they meet the deadlines and due dates set by their instructors. Using the VHS online platform, students communicate with their teacher, complete weekly coursework, and participate in discussions with classmates.

All VHS courses are led by qualified teachers actively guiding students by interacting in class discussions and private discussions with each student, along with grading assignments. Teachers respond within 24 hours to student inquires Monday through Friday. 

To complement the VHS curriculum, Boston DREAM Academy provides live, in-person tutoring in Mathematics, Religion, Music, Physical Education and Film Making. In addition, students receive weekly individual, live, online tutoring through EdEx Solutions.

Academic Schedule

Academic Plan

Uniform Policy

The Boston DREAM Academy was born out of a desire to provide students with an education tailored to their unique interests and needs. Since commencing operations in 2013, we can proudly say that 100% of our graduates have been accepted into college with substantial scholarships, providing them with boundless opportunities for success.

At Boston DREAM Academy You Will See

  • Students equipped to become change-makers within their communities and spheres of influence through a service-orientated outlook and Christ-like behavior.
  • Young people asking hard questions and receiving answers to contemporary issues from a Biblical perspective.
  • Administrators and families uniting for the success of the youth.
  • Teachers and facilitators committed to the success of each student and trained to stimulate intellectual curiosity.
  • Students being energized and instilled with a love and appreciation for knowledge; students taking responsibility for their learning and academic success.
  • Student mastery of academic material.
  • An emphasis on the importance of health to maximize clarity of thought, vitality and a sense of physical wellbeing.
  • An emphasis on emotional wellbeing.
  • Students understanding and valuing their uniqueness and embracing their differences.
  • Peer mentorship, teamwork and student leadership.
College Acceptances
Alumni Testimonial

"I wouldn’t be half the student I am today without my experience at Boston Dream Academy. College is tough, but I have the academic tools necessary to excel in all my classes. More importantly, I have the spiritual, organizational, and professional skills I need to achieve success wherever I go.”

Elisa H., 2019 Boston DREAM Academy Graduate and current Oakwood University student majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing

Elisa was awarded 2022 Graphic Design Student of the Year