"I wouldn’t be half the student I am today without my experience at Boston DREAM Academy. College is tough, but I have the academic tools necessary to excel in all my classes."

– Elisa H. 2019 Boston DREAM Academy Graduate

BDA Alumni

We are so proud of the accomplishments of our alumni.  When our students graduate, they are fully prepared to follow their chosen path.

Our motto ‘Loved to Success‘ does not finish when the senior year is over and the graduation gowns are put away.  Our alumni remain a valuable part of our BDA family and it is our hope that each student who attends BDA will stays in close contact with us as they navigate their career path.  Our graduates have gone on to complete their degrees or apprenticeships and become role models for their communities and families in the process.  We are so proud of the amazing young people that our alumni have grown into and excited to see what they continue to accomplish.

BDA Alumni Spotlight

Shandelle Williams

BDA Graduation Date: 2016

Universities Attended: Oakwood University (undergraduate: Biology), Northeastern University (doctorate: Physical Therapy)

My name is Shandelle Williams. I was one of the first 3 students to attend Boston Dream
Academy (BDA). To be totally honest and transparent, Initially, it took a bit of getting used to
the unconventional “Blended” method of teaching that BDA used. No science Lab, No library,
No cafeteria! But we had people around us who believed in us and challenged us to do our
best, every single day. What I learned was to take responsibility for my education. I learned
how to make a schedule and organize my time. I learned how to work hard and ask for help
when needed. I learned how to work with others, how to collaborate with classmates all over
the world and to experience the good feeling of teamwork. I learned to share, without
expecting anything in return, I learned how to be a leader and an independent thinker. I also
learned to never give up and to believe that with God all things are possible. In short, I learned
how to learn – how to love – how to give. I would not trade my high school experience at BDA
for another.

I graduated in 2016 and went on to attend Oakwood University. I majored in biology, graduated
in 4 years and I am currently working on a doctorate at Northeastern University in Boston. BDA
taught me so much, and I believe, prepared me to succeed; I will ever be grateful for this small
but amazing school, that taught me about life and how to live it well.

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