Boston DREAM Academy in process of securing property for new school building with $2M grant

After nine years of meeting in borrowed spaces, the Boston DREAM Academy will now have a place to call home.

Thanks to the generosity and shared vision of a partner foundation, the school was able to successfully bid for 48 Pleasant Street, Dorchester, just a short walk from where the students have previously convened at both the Waymark SDA church and the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester.

A part of the appeal, beyond the prized location, is the building’s fascinating historic significance. It was erected in 1892 and served as the Old Dorchester Club, and was later acquired by the Knights of Columbus in 1907. The property has been home to the Christ the Rock Metro Church until recently.

Photo credit: (the state historical commission database)

With almost 18000 square feet, there will be plenty of room for expansion of both student enrolment and community service-oriented programming.

“We have always envisioned the Boston Dream Academy becoming a community hub where we can contribute to the needs of our Dorchester neighbors,” said co-founder Opal Williams. “Having a place to call home will be an incredible blessing for our students, and in turn our community.”  The school is conveniently located near public transportation, giving access to students from Dorchester and the surrounding areas.

“We are so grateful to our partner,” enthused Principal Robert Jackson. “They have pledged ⅔ of the cost of the building.  We are now tasked with raising the additional $1M.”

To be a part of the capital raising campaign, please consider a tax-deductible donation by clicking here.  

“I have never looked forward to a school year more,” said Mr Jackson. “I can’t wait to show the kids their new school home.”

Take a tour of our prospective new school building here!