2022 graduates awarded record scholarship amounts

California’s La Sierra University and Alabama’s Oakwood University, an HBCU, are so eager to ensure BDA graduates achieve their education and career DREAMs that they have offered close to  $500,000 of combined scholarship support for our three graduates.  Dr. Chris Tullock flew from Oakwaood University to Boston in order to attend the graduation and personally award our BDA graduates their scholarships.  In addition, on behalf of Oakwood University Dr. Chris Tulloch pledged $90,000 to a Greater Boston Academy graduate, Yanexa Deleon (the sister of William Deleon a class of 2020 BDA Alumni, and Alex Deleon, a class of 2022 graduate) “I am so blown away at the generosity of Oakwood University,” Yanexa said. “To think that we are cared for beyond our time at high school is above and beyond.  This is going to be life-changing.”

Dr. Tulloch spoke to Oakwood’s emphasis on supporting their students, even going to the extent of paying students to attend tutoring sessions. “We will do everything we can to ensure students are successful at Oakwood.  We recognize the financial burden that some students arrive with and work to ensure that socio-economic status is not a barrier to success.

BDA’s  juniors and seniors were hosted by La Sierra University during their 2021-2022 school year college visit. They enjoying the opportunity to sit in on lectures and experience life as a university student. They also visited Loma Linda University and interacted with several professors there.

Of our three graduates, two will continue on at Oakwood University, and one will attend La Sierra University  in Fall 2022.